Septic Tank Installation and Warranty Information

Pembina Concrete Products Ltd. is the area’s premier concrete expert. We’d like to share some important tank installation and warranty information with you. Pembina Concrete Products is pleased to offer you more information on the necessary steps to take to ensure your tank is covered under our warranty.

Installation requirements for warranty qualification:

  1. Dig hole a minimum of one foot larger than the tank.
  2. Tanks must be placed on perfectly solid and level ground.
  3. The hole cannot be high in the center.) Use 1 inch  washed rock for levelling.
  4. The inlet side of the tank should be as close as possible to the inlet trench.
  • Tank must not be filled with water until it is completely backfilled.
  • Keep tires 2 feet back from tank when you are backfilling.
  •  Tanks should be backfilled all around, evenly, and in 2 foot intervals.
  • Do not apply any pressure to the lid or to the 6 inch ABS pipe.
  • Finish by mounding dirt over tank. Water will run off and dirt will settle.
  • There must be no equipment or vehicle traffic allowed within 2 feet of the tank.
  • Leave a minimum of 1 foot of water in any cistern or sewage holding tank that will be left unused, especially over the winter months.
  • Warranty will not be honoured if tank is not properly installed.


  • Pembina Concrete Products Ltd, offers a 20 year prorated warranty on tanks installed to our specifications.
  • Warranty covers 100% replacement cost if the tank is proven to be defective within two years of installation.
  • Warranty after two years will be prorated at 10% yearly, on cost of the tank only.
  • Warranty applies to original owner and or original installation.
  • Costs for repair or replacement will require prior approval by Pembina Concrete Products Ltd, to be considered for warranty coverage.
  • This warranty does not cover the replacement of any materials lost due to leakage or cost of damages resulting from leakage.
  • Pembina Concrete Products Ltd will not warranty any tanks damaged due to improper installation, being left empty over winter,  or usage.